A Solution for the Demand in Hand Sanitizer

We all know that washing our hands and using hand sanitizer is a top priority right now; however, finding a hand sanitizer that’s in stock is a particular challenge. And hoping to find one that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients is an even bigger feat.

A husband and wife team from Quebec, who are biochemists and microbiologists by trade, answered this call, creating a 100% all-natural, organic hand sanitizer.

As partners of The Green Beaver Company, known for its all-natural skin care and cosmetic products, they used their expertise and resources to quickly create a hand sanitizer that’s Health Canada approved, and offers several other benefits:

  • It won’t dry out your skin like other alcohol-based gels, due to the all-natural ingredients like vegetable glycerine, which soothes and moisturizes
  • There’s no strong antiseptic smell, thanks to the addition of organic lavender, orange and mint extracts
  • It contains 70% alcohol, more than the 60% minimum requirement, which leaves no room to worry about its effectiveness
  • It comes in a spray, allowing you to disinfect your hands, as well as surfaces, such as steering wheels, grocery cards and door handles without the mess

And best of all, it’s affordable and available.

(Order online at www.greenbeaver.com for only $7.99 and have it shipped anywhere in Canada.)


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