Disruptors: Zackary Lewis, CEO of Say Allo

Zackary Lewis is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Say Allo, an intelligent relationship discovery app that uses artificial intelligence, and a continuous learning algorithm based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technology.

Prior to launching Say Allo in 2018, Lewis completed a successful tour in the United States Marine Corps as a Heavy Machine Gunner in the renowned “Walking Dead” battalion of the infantry. Upon his tour, Lewis utilized his leadership skills to launch Genesis Marketing Group, a company focused on building successful branding campaigns for companies like José Cuervo, Smirnoff and Bailey’s Irish Cream throughout the United States. Lewis grew Genesis Marketing Group to over 130 employees with locations in Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

After successfully exiting Genesis Marketing, Lewis founded Liquid Compass, a premier Streaming Delivery Network that grew to over 400 employees, providing streaming radio services to broadcasters including iHeartRadio, CBS, Entercom and ESPN.


When/why did Say Allo start, and how many users does Say Allo have?

I started developing Say Allo in 2015 and launched our beta app in 2017. To date, we have about 100,000 users throughout the US and Canada.

Newly single, I went on a Vision Quest to Vietnam where I purchased a motorcycle in Saigon and rode a thousand miles to Hanoi, pondering my “next big thing.” I started thinking about the dating industry and the success of apps like Tinder and Bumble. Because of my tech experience, I understood their algorithms and knew their success wasn’t based on compatibility, but rather profile popularity – similar to a “hot or not” model.

Say Allo was born on that journey. Along the way, I recalled that I knew two standout Canadians – the original co-developer of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and an original Amazon team member. We would eventually partner up for Say Allo!

What makes Say Allo different from other dating sites? 

Say Allo learns attraction as you swipe, with the app becoming more attractive (from a compatibility standpoint) with every app engagement.

Most apps start by asking you who you’re interested in. We flip this model and ask you the “10 most important questions” to forming a relationship, based on our compatibility index co-developed by Dr. Brian Shaw, PhD. Once we understand your history, we combine that information with what you’re looking for – and let the app learn the rest.

How have your previous careers prepared you for being CEO?

Being in the military and building several businesses taught me internal fortitude. One thing about being an entrepreneur and achieving success that many of us can relate to, is the importance of having deep-rooted personal convictions, and being prepared for the marathon ahead. This mindset has ultimately helped me weather storms and seeing the silver-lining ahead.

What have been the results of Say Allo?

Say Allo has experienced tremendous growth since launching in 2017, and we continue to expand. I think this is due to our commitment to providing users with a safe way to meet compatible connections using unique features like our in-app video date, compatibility reports and SmartSwipe technology.

During this pandemic reality, we’ve seen users spending longer periods of time in the app, with a 350 per cent increase in video date sessions, and an increase of 185 per cent in new video date invitations.

We also have a major success story we love to tout, as I met my wife through Say Allo!


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