SmartMike+ Is a Dream for Vloggers

Maybe you’re a video blogger who has noticed that, as good as your content is, the audio has much to be desired, being picked up from the distance of the selfie stick or the tripod a few feet away.

The outdoor ambient noise can be a distraction, and the relative low volume level of the voice can frustrate the viewer.

Now, there’s an easy and cost-effective fix for that, with a remote mic made by Sabinetek, who has released what they dub “the world’s first wireless Bluetooth mic” – the SmartMike+.

It’s as easy as clipping this tiny device on your shirt, and a few clicks of an app. The wireless mic picks up your voice, in realtime, as though you had your device right next to your face, and has a 15 metre range.

With the SmartMike+ there is added professionalism, and a stand-out quality to your content, that can result in more likes, views and subscribers on social media.

It has become such a popular product that TV chef Ming Tsai has bought a couple units and will be using SmartMike+ for his Instagram broadcast.

Some of the best SmartMike+ features include a six hour battery (the longest lasting of its kind), and the ability to use with third-party apps like Facebook Live, TikTok, Snapchat and others.

In the core of Smartmike+ is a highly patent one of a kind Bluetooth 5.0 technology that no other devices have. (And for those devices that don’t run Bluetooth, hook up the SmartMike+ through the 3.5mm AUX cable to act as a receiver)

It’s a versatile product, that works with iOs and Android smartphones, as well as DSLR, Go Pro, DJI Osmo Pocket, and PC.

Now with COVID-related regulations loosening in some jurisdictions, it’s become a little easier to record outside.

With SmartMike+ those audio worries you used to experience can be a thing of the past.

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