The Disruptors: Camilita Nuttall

What many have dubbed a “International Rock Star Speaker,” UK-based Camilita Nuttall is many things: the founder and president of Event of Champions, award-winning corporate sales and growth expert, and serial entrepreneur.

As a wealth and business coach, Camilita has guided her clientele in ways that have boosted their success, and maximized their professional potential.

She is author of several eBooks including: “How to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income

From What You Already Know,” and “How to Fast Track Your Success.” As host of The Camilita Podcast, she interviews high-level thought leaders and experts, helping listeners navigate through life’s ever-changing landscape.

Over the past three years her Event of Champions has become a global sensation, where attendees come together at international venues to hear her, and other top-notch speakers, bring forth ideas on increasing wealth, and reaching their goals in life. She has brought the conference to Toronto three times, and a fourth is planned this Spring.

Camilita has been mentioned in Forbes, quoted in the book Think and Grow Rich for Women, and appeared in various media around the world, including BBC News.

As we embark on a new year, what do you believe people should know most about bettering their business?  

 Camilita: Number one, is to truly understand how to create multiple incomes from what you already do. It’s looking inward at the knowledge and level of experience, and allowing what you’ve learned to transform someone else’s life.

People often look outside of themselves, to inspire and change people’s lives – and the world. But it’s already inside of them. That’s what they overlook. They just need to deliver and share what they already know.

Number two, I think it’s also about understanding the power and the knowledge of technology, especially AI. Understanding how we can use technology even more to reach the people we need to reach, to truly impact people’s lives across the globe with our products, brand, or service.

We all know that online is mainly where business is done today, and it will be even more in five years. Our business models need to keep up, and keep ahead.

What is that special something that only Camilita brings to people?

Camilita: It’s something that I ask myself all the time. It is my story. There are loads of people who teach what I teach. They teach about multiple incomes, and changing people’s lives and building a brand, knowing who you are, that kind of thing. And, they teach sales, systems, the things that I teach. The difference that I bring to people is my story – the story of tenacity, knowing who I am, not where I am, the story of creating something out of nothing, the story of continuously developing, never giving up, always pushing and reaching for something else, believing that there is always more, you can be more.

You’ve been to Toronto several times with your events. What brings you back?

Camilita: I realized that a lot of people in Toronto are part-time entrepreneurs. They want to be full-time entrepreneurs. They are lacking practicality, and the fact that they need to do the work.

I realized that people have a hunger for success, a drive. They see other people being successful and want to know, ‘how do I do it?’ They are reaching out and asking questions. They are committed.

I wanted to help fuel that commitment, to keep them going, give them systems that they could use that are doable, and to help them. This is close to my heart: to help them believe, one more time.  Because, life sets in, stuff happens, and we get distracted. My job is to come back, and help people believe in who they are.

What one thing is the biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs?

Camilita: Belief. It all starts with belief. The first thing is believe, and the next thing is doing the work, to act on that belief. It is the biggest problem for most people.

If you’re going to act, but the act is not structured and the outcome is not clear, you are still not going to win. When you act upon the decision with structured goals – structured efforts – hopefully, with help from a mentor, you are unstoppable. But if you don’t have those things in place, it doesn’t happen. My formula for success is faith (+) work (x) belief (–) fear = results. That’s how you make it happen.


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