The Disruptors: Curtis Boyd

Curtis Boyd is an experienced Online Reputation Consultant and CEO/Founder of Objection Co. a company that uses AI to identify fake reviews. He enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with his wife and toddler.


Objection Co is an AI/Tech company that uses machine learning to identify and dispute illegitimate online reviews. We believe that almost every online marketplace is saturated with fake reviews and consumers are falling victim to scams, fraud and counterfeits.


“Our goal is to help consumers make better spending decisions by serving the business community to help display more honest reviews.”


“Our customers are businesses that want to display more honest and truthful reviews about their company. We solve that by identifying and disputing illegitimate online reviews on over 18+ major review websites.

Unfortunately, fake reviews today are a huge problem for both consumers and businesses. We take a non-biased data science approach, by analyzing both positive and negative reviews alike.”



What’s the problem clients come to you with, and how you solve it?

Businesses come to us when they want reviews analyzed for legitimacy. Most of the time they want negative reviews proven false, that can be removed. We’re trying to change the narrative.

Unfortunately, many B2B providers have become biased towards business owners. This is one of the ways we stand out in today’s market. It’s our goal to remain unbiased, and work with businesses to remove illegitimate 5-star reviews as well.

When disputing illegitimate reviews, it’s difficult to effectively communicate with website administrators. It’s tough to get your point across without appearing biased solely on trying to improve your star rating. That’s where we can help; our analytics provide bias-free evidence that shows exactly why a review may be illegitimate and qualify for removal.

How did you get started in this industry?

About 8 years ago I was working on the emergency room floor as a student nurse, and came across a disgruntled physician who had some illegitimate negative online reviews, and was struggling to have them removed. He had hired lawyers, marketers and consultants, and was losing over $100K a week on new consults. I ended up taking on a challenge for the doctor, and flew to San Francisco, where I learned how to communicate with administrators effectively.

What are some tips and tricks in this industry?

  • Don’t try to remove real feedback, learn from it and evolve.
  • If a review is fake, be persistent about disputing it. Most people give up after the first try; many of our successes come after failing the first time.
  • Try to determine who wrote the review and why. It will paint a much clearer picture for the administrator when evaluating the review for removal.
  • Look at which businesses the reviewer has reviewed. Notice anything unusual? If yes, dive deeper and take notes – connect the dots and paint a picture for administrators.

What’s the latest breakthrough for your company?

We’re excited to be launching our new business listing program, in June. Objection Co will be publishing over 10 million URLs for businesses, that will include free public review fraud scores, and adjusted ratings, so you can see our opinion of the company after fake reviews have been measured.

We expect one out of every 4 businesses to have their scores affected.

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