A Wine Lover’s Toast to Mardi Gras

Wine lovers, take note: the versatility of this wondrous fermented grape nectar can be harnessed for many occasions, and one’s coming up … with Mardi Gras!

Rodney Strong Russian River Pinot Noir

This year, celebrations fall on Feb. 25, but if you’re not in the Big Easy, don’t fret – you can still do pah-lenty of a N’awlins flair in the comfort of your own home. So, grab some wine, take a look at our top seven suggestions, and be creative with all you can do to tribute Fat Tuesday with friends and neighbours alike!

  1. At Edible New Orleans, they have a delish, refreshing Red Wine Lemonade recipe that you can make with Rodney Strong’s malbec or merlot, both available at the local liquor stores.
  2. My New Orleans lists a dazzling party sangria recipe, touting it as a “great hot weather drink.”
  3. Or how about NOLA foods, such as wine cakes? Those are traditional, delectable tiny yellow cakes soaked in wine, and topped with whipped cream and cherries. Oh my! Can life be any better. According to the website, “This dessert goes all the way back to Creole Louisiana’s antebellum days, when cakes such as savarin, a French pastry doused with alcohol, were a must at holiday dinner tables.”
  4. Then there’s Chicken In New Orleans Wine Sauce. The mouth-watering fun comes from the wine sauce, mixed with mushroom, onion and celery.
  5. For jambalaya inspired dishes, compliment it with the Rodney Strong Russian River Pinot Noir ($29.95 – see picture) or Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz ($50).
  6. Or for Po’boy/crawfish inspired dishes, compliment it with the Mionetto prosecco ($16.95 – available now in vintages). As point of fact, the orange label was also the official sparkling wine when the Raptors won the championship!
  7. Should you fancy something other than wine, Bearface whisky could be used towards a Sezerac cocktail, the official drink of New Orleans.



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