Is Your Holiday Cheeseboard … Bored?

Canada’s top pastry chefs show us how to create cheeseboards that are a feast for the eyes… and palate

Did you know cheeseboards are the number one appetizer served at holiday parties across Canada? And yet, few of us ever stray from the conventional fruit, jam, meat and cracker staples.

Not any more!

The holidays are about grand gestures, epic light displays and everything festive – so our cheeseboards should be too! Enter four of the country’s top pastry design artists to show us how to up our cheeseboard game this holiday season.

From wreaths and menorahs to “Cheesemas” trees and ornaments, these chefs created stunning masterpieces featuring their favourite cheeses from Castello – a match made in heaven since Castello is renowned for their innovation and tradition, just like chefs.

Laura Girolami, owner of YUM Creations in Montreal crafted a cheeseboard inspired by her two kids called “O’ Cheesemas Tree, O’ Cheesemas Tree.” Easy enough for anyone to make, each bough of Laura’s tree features a different cheese including the thick and velvety Brie and sweet and tangy Tickler, two of her family’s all-time favourites.

Vanessa Baudanza, co-owner of The Rolling Pin in Toronto created a cheeseboard that’s ready for the Rabbi’s blessing. Perfect for Hanukkah celebrations, Vanessa’s featured cheese in this creation is Castello’s sharp blue cheese because it’s one of her favourites, and in Judaism, the colour blue represents divination.

In Calgary, Lynette MacDonald from SWIRL Cakes took inspiration from an iconic decoration that welcomes everyone at the front door, the holiday wreath. Affectionately named A-Wreatha Franklin because this cheeseboard deserves respect! Sweet in design and taste, Lynette’s wreath features Castello’s Pineapple Cream Cheese with its notes of butter, marzipan and warm syrup, topped with fresh basil leaves, wild blackberries and crackers.

Mimi Cheung, the Vancouver creator of @indulgewithmimi, found inspiration hanging from her Christmas tree. Her sweet and savoury cheeseboard was modelled after ornaments, sparkling with colourful ingredients like macarons, foil-wrapped chocolates, and crystal glasses filled with champagne panna cotta. Her star cheese was an easy decision, because Castello’s Aged Havarti boasts small crystals, which contribute to both the overall taste and sparkling experience.



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