Liquid Luxury Comes to Canada Just In Time for Christmas

Do you have an avid collector or fine spirits lover on your holiday list this year? If so, look no further than Flor de Caña V Generaciones, a 30-year old, ultra-luxury rum aged in a single barrel, since 1988.

This Nicaraguan rum has one of the largest aged rum reserves in the world, allowing them to create a limited number of these exquisite bottles – and 42 will be landing in Canada this weekend. BC will receive 12 bottles, Alberta 14 and Ontario 16.

Flor de Caña Rum launches V Generaciones, a limited edition 30-year-old single barrel rum, retailing for $1,600

This 30-year-old liquid luxury is more than just an exceptionally rare liquid and stunning bottle – it also boasts the following, all presented in a sleek, black leather case:

1) Signatures of the five family generations behind Flor de Caña

2) A bottle cap made from volcanic rock

3) A replica of the iconic 1902 volcano postal stamp of Nicaragua

4) Individually numbered bottles

5) Fine metallic label and a certificate of authenticity

This collectible one-of-a-kind bottle from the fifth generation family estate is the oldest release from the brand to date, and will be available at select liquor stores this weekend retailing for $1,600.

Flor de Caña V Generaciones, a 30-year old, ultra-luxury rum

This release, ahead of Flor de Caña’s 130th anniversary in 2020, is a special tribute to the passion, dedication and commitment to excellence of the thousands of workers and the five family generations who’ve been part of the brand’s journey since 1890.

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