Why Bourbon Is the Stuff of Dreams

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a badass bourbon snob. When I enter a bar or party that has no bourbon (heaven forefend), I’ll take a pass on any other alcoholic beverage (generally) and order a soft drink. I’ve sampled all the ones LCBO carries – and dozens of others when in the States – that my buddies ask me for bourbon recommendations.

What I like about bourbon (the good ones) is the smooth sweet taste, unlike some of the rough and itchy whiskies out there. Another reason is that I especially dislike whiskies that force a flavour on you, like that gaggy peaty stuff, overbearing smokiness or roaring-woodsy taste. I just find that bourbon has an all-natural taste that rolls down the throat without any tonsil screeching.

A good bourbon can go with just about anything. Fish, meat, pizza, French fries, and even a hearty salad. (In fact, one of my most favourite combos is breaded chicken fingers, with a mango-curry dip, and a tumbler of chilled bourbon.)

The cool factor about bourbon is its purity of design – and by that I mean, it’s always made with virgin barrels, and the good ones contain majority of corn, have no additives, and hails from Kentucky (the local limestone water adds to the taste).

So it was a privilege lately to attend the Woodford Reserve Dinner Series, where guests are treated not only to culinary delights from Canada’s best restaurants, but importantly, a tasting of the #1 premium bourbon, Woodford Reserve. It’s a brand that I have bought frequently.

Taylor Corrigan, Woodford Reserve’s Brand Ambassador

Taylor Corrigan, Woodford Reserve’s Brand Ambassador, leads this bourbon journey of exquisite taste. He described how Woodford Reserve controls every process in the creation of their whisky from grain to finish.

From the choice of grains to yeast strains, fermentation, traditional pot still distillation, and oak for the production of their hand raised barrels, controlling each step guarantees the highest quality of ingredients, and sets Woodford Reserve apart from other bourbons.

There are more than 200 flavours and aromas identified in Woodford Reserve. There’s no additives, so 100 percent of the color comes from the barrels. Furthermore, Woodford Reserve is matured in virgin charred-oak barrels created in their own cooperage.

Now you have some cool information about bourbon that you can share at the next party you go to.

Want to know how to enjoy a glass properly? Then follow Dave’s three rules for drinking bourbon:

  1. Savour it. Do not, under any circumstances, knock it back like a bottom-shelf cheap vodka. Respect the bourbon.
  2. Drink it neat. A fine bourbon should be tasted for its essence. Don’t add any shit to it. It’s like dousing a Grade-A steak with generic supermarket barbecue sauce. Just don’t, for the love of God, just don’t.
  3. Don’t drink drunk. You cannot possibly enjoy a fine bourbon if inebriated. Would you want to enjoy a nice restaurant meal while you were loopy? No? Then don’t do the same with bourbon.

If you drink bourbon with me, and you follow these three rules, you’ll do fine. Break the rules, and I take the bottle away.

* The Reserve retails for approximately $49.95 (750ml) across Canada.

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