How To Have a Badass Shaving Experience

Those who know me well know that I’m something of a shaving hobbyist. By that I mean, I love trying out new kinds of razors, new shaving creams, new skin creams and the like. In fact, I probably cycle through as many, about the same frequency as I go through tubes of toothpaste. And it’s simply because I derive so much fun exploring all of the possibilities – and it makes shaving less, shall I say, utilitarian, and more of where a learning experience meets happy shave day.

Most men don’t realize just how much of a wide world there is of these products and they usually just stick with the same old, same old. I get it. What works, works, and why try to fix it, if it ain’t broke. And besides, what if a new product sucks, and then it’s all a waste of money. I get it.

But that’s why God made shaving snobs like me. To tell you all about the cool things you can use to make your face happy, smooth, and wicked smelling. There are times I come across products, such as razors, and think “dayum, my face is like a baby’s butt! And me likey.”

Gillette SkinGuard is one such example. Gillette are the people who have been shaving industry leaders for forever, so they know their stuff cold.

And speaking of cold, it’s still winter (still), and as the chilly weather and dry air smacks up your cheeks, from time to time you might feel some irritation setting in. That can take many forms: redness, flakiness, itchiness, burning and tight skin. (It doesn’t help that in winter, the skin loses moisture faster than other times of year.)

For folks like me with sensitive skin (and surveys show that more than half of men report having sensitive skin), the last thing you want is your razor to exacerbate things.

Gillette SkinGuard was built for gents with sensitive skin, and designed to stop irritation. (It was even recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel.) The razor was made to place minimal pressure and friction during usage, with little tug on facial hairs. Moreover, you’ve got clean sharp edges with their advanced coatings, for a low cutting force.

The blades are positioned on springs, and act as little shock absorbers to allow the blades to comfortably move over the irregular skin surface. With the front pivot design, the handle in front of the blades directs the pressure away from the blades.

Give Gillette SkinGuard a try – you can find it in most major supermarkets and drug stores.

As for my after-treatment, everything depends on the state of my face. Dry, itchy, swollen, cracked, pimply, oily (I know, TMI!) – but seriously, I like to keep my face in top shape. Most guys don’t appreciate how important it is to have good skin. I don’t keep it a secret that I’m a skin cream devotee, and preach its merits from the mountain top.

Pictured, are some of my go-to favourites:

Karen, PCA Skin, Stout, Maqui, Yesto, and Giovanni Detox.


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