Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes last minute shopping. A 2016 survey by reported that more men (42 per cent) then women (32 per cent) admitted to purchasing gifts at the last minute. Similarly, a Shoppers Drug Mart survey from 2013 noted that more than half of Canadians (54 per cent) waited until just a few days before Valentine’s Day before purchasing a gift. With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, Victorinox has some gift ideas for the last-minute shopper.

For her:

Alliance XS Collection with Swarovski Crystals

This watch is the perfect harmony of sophistication and timelessness.

A watch for the lady (left) and a watch for the fella (right)

The Alliance XS is a small watch that packs a big attitude. The watch is elevated with Swarovski crystals and mother-of-pearl dials. Available in five different styles, the Alliance XS is 28mm, making it small and elegant. Eleven lustrous Swarovski crystals adorn the small and perfectly formed dial, and the elegant strap offsets it to pared-back perfection. The Alliance XS is infused with the Victorinox values of high-quality and design.

 For him:

FieldForce Sport Chrono Collection

The Fieldforce Sport Chrono Collection is the ultimate iconic and classic look.

The watch contains bold numerals and generously sized hands with SuperLuminova which ensures great readability.

With five designs to choose from, the watch features pops of sporty colours for a modern feel. The watch is easy to wear, elegantly colourful and the perfect accessory to wear for any occasion.

 For us:

Swiss Modern Collection

The Swiss Modern knife collection is the ultimate fusion of elegant design and high precision. Each blade is made with resistant-wear stainless steel to enable effortless cutting. The handles come in a variety of vibrant colours and are ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort. Knives within the collection can be purchased individually or as a set as shown.

A perfect set of knives

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