Pursuit’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

When my wife told me “this smells so good I could eat it!” I knew this body soap was a winner.

Popping open the lid of the Lemon Cream Body Wash, made by J.R. Watkins, you can immediately waft the dreamy scent of lemon meringue pie. How cool is that. Delicious.

Your go-to romantic V-Day gift selection.

So I thought a thought: this might be a good Valentine’s Day gift – along with, of course, the required box of chocolates, and bouquet of roses. She might at first think “um, a body soap? As a gift? What are you trying to say?” Then watch as she takes in the smell and totally understands why you did what you did. Because fun soap makes people smile, is why.

Since 1868, JR Watkins has made an entire line of body washes, hand creams, and soaps.

They tout these products as “gentle plant-based cleaners and skin conditioners that cleanse the skin, without stripping away natural moisture.”

I used to not really care if something’s filled with chemicals, or if it’s “plant-based” or all-natural. Lately, though, I came to realize that most mainstream soaps on the market today are manufactured largely with the goal to mask smell, rather than get skin clean.

The more the chemical-laden and fragrance overload, the less it seems to act like an actual cleansing soap. The JR Watkins was a nice surprise in this regard. Owing to the fact that their soaps are nearly all-natural, it means the company has to find ingredients to work that much harder to compete with a zillion other soaps. No fancy chemical shortcuts. It has to both smell nice, and clean tough. And it does.

The Bergamot & Oak Men’s Body Wash, proved my point. After a sweaty workout, I was able to scrub off what my wife calls the “ew gross” off my skin. It passed the “smell me” test with flying colours (phew). That it had a crisp woodsy fragrance, was a nice touch.

Speaking of even more awesome smells, tie a beautiful red bow around a fragrance for her, for that extra special thoughtful V-Day gift. If you need a little direction in that regard, Yardley has an entire line of  eau-de-toilettes that are reasonably priced, and yummy scented.

One example is Lily Of The Valley, not overpowering like some perfumes, but has that enchanting light smell that made me want to snuggle her more.

Back to the bathtub, Dr. Teal’s coconut oil bath foam has a soothing feel and a soothing smell, that both men and women will enjoy. (And actually, be able to enjoy together, if you know what I mean.)

So, yes to chocolates, yes to flowers, yes to a candlelit dinner. But also take it to the next level, and ignite some passions with these romantic gift ideas.

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