DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide: Vancouver

West Coasters know that British Columbia has access to the best products from all over the world. Nonetheless, when it comes to holiday gift-giving, why not give something sourced in your own backyard? Buy local and put money back into your local economy. With these gorgeous items, you needn’t travel far to impress.

The Copper Hat Compact Cigar Shave Set 
Wet shaving is all the rage right now. This set comes with a vintage Gillette Tech Travel safety razor with double-edged blades along with a cocobolo wood shaving brush made with pure badger hair and a travel soap stick. For the discerning traveller. $100

Everything Under the Sun Coat Hooks  
Everyone has a kid in their life that has it all. Impress the child and their parents with locally made coat hooks (and drawer pulls, delete and light switch covers) that look great and vibe fun. (Artist Cathy Healey also does furniture and murals, so if the kid’s been really nice, you could go all out with a bedroom makeover.) $16 – $45

Beta 5 Chocolates Union Membership
Here’s a gift membership that keeps on giving: Each month, the recipient will receive a pack containing a seasonal selection of treats. In December, Christmas tree caramels infused with Douglas fir needles and pink lemon marmalade jellies were part of the package. Chocolate lovers will love and think of you every month. $120

Schramm Vodka (pictured)
Handcrafted from organic potatoes grown in Pemberton, just minutes from the distillery, this is the perfect gift for those who like to imbibe a certain kind of “water.” Distilled in small batches with pure mountain water, Schramm Vodka is a complex spirit, with notes of coffee and vanilla and an earthy, smoky finish. Goes without saying that you’ll be invited around for a sip. $45

Image courtesy of Ariane Colenbrander

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