Yes, Socks are the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

It’s not just because prime minister Justin Trudeau wore Chewbacca socks. It’s because having wickedly cool socks, for a dude, is an expression of character, personality and chic.

And you can never go wrong buying Dad a pair of socks that align with his special tastes or interests (and while you’re at it, buying a pair for yourself, too).

Sock Footage is a Toronto-based company that can be your go-to one-stop shop for this very purpose. Their wide selection can cater to any like – from hot peppers, barbecue, hockey, football, beer, and much more.

And hey, it’s also a good way to brighten your day (or anyone else’s) in these homebound lockdown times.

Their mens’ subscriptions plans are super popular. They have also collaborated on a Father’s Day bundle pack with an Ontario beer company, Red Thread Brewing, so you get a 12-pack of brewskies with your pairs of socks. Cool factor x1000.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention/highlight that this company is focused on social responsibility, too.

Here is Marisa Sheff of Sock Footage, next to their sock vending machine at Ryerson U in Toronto

Sock Footage’s  mission is to empower individuals to engage in acts of kindness as a by-product of simple, everyday sock purchases.

“Most people are unaware that socks are the most needed, but least donated items at homeless shelters,” said Marisa Sheff, Creative Director. “With COVID-19 silently making its way across the nation, the homeless community is amongst one of the most vulnerable populations, and needs us now more than ever.”

To do their part, for every pair of socks purchased from their site, Sock Footage will provide each customer with a complimentary pair of socks to be able to give to someone less fortunate.

Sock Footage continues to deliver socks to one of their partner charities, Ve’ahavta, who has a mobile outreach van distributing much-needed supplies to those living on the streets.

“We truly believe, and have witnessed firsthand, that being involved in the donation process has the power to change a life, while touching the lives of those in need,” said Sheff.

“The bonus for those who are currently stuck at home, is that they still get shipped fun and colourful pairs of novelty socks to hopefully help brighten up their day.”

So go out and grabba pair. Father’s Day is June 21.

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