DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide: For Her

Trust me when I tell you good gifts are important. I’m a girl who once received a used microwave for Christmas from her boyfriend, now very much an ex-boyfriend (the used appliance was merely a symptom, but it started the breakup ball rolling). If you want to make your woman happy this holiday season, here are five foolproof ideas for you that all tie into a single, clear message: “Get” with the program. Unless otherwise indicated, all gift pricing is in (sometimes adjusted) Canadian dollars; no pricing includes S&H fees.


Get Personal
Often magical, the social commerce arts/crafts/vintage site Etsy carries jewelery, vintage fashions, beauty products and much more, all searchable by colour and price. You can get really personal by looking for pieces that allow engraving or loving messages. If you’re really stuck and need things spelled out, there’s even a section of Gift Ideas. Admittedly, there is still quality control pressure, here. You don’t want to get anything that could end up on Regretsy. From $20

Get Luxurious
Buy her the ultimate fun weekend (bonus: you get to come too!) at a boutique hotel. Some do them better than others, mind; phone your favourite and see what’s on offer. For just one example, the fab NYE package at Toronto’s Drake Hotel includes dinner, music and entertainment, bubbly and party favours in your pad. Approx. $500

Get Hardware
Specifically: Get pearls. A long real pearl necklace is a classic yet incredibly sexy (especially when worn nude) piece of jewelery and, surprisingly, it won’t break your budget. A string of real pearls from Made You Look will set you back about $200. If she’s got a string already, get her a unique, dangly necklace from Sparkle and Strut. Approx. $200

Get Quality Warmth
A real, soft cashmere sweater is expensive. If you’re OK with that, The Cashmere Shop carries some real beauties (but psst, you can also score real cashmere at Winners, $100 to $150). If your girl likes things über-trendy and Canadian, try the casual and stylish “Shruggie” from I Made This For You. For more exclusive universal trendiness, go with a sweater dress from the Authentic collection at Fred Perry Women (sole Canadian location, Toronto), notably the the Donegal Longline Crew neck sweater, which retails for $195. Whatever your choice, she’ll appreciate your warm gesture more than anything during the cold, white nights of winter. From $100

Get Creative
The new year’s motivational bug will be sure to bite this year as it does every year, so get your girl learning some fun stuff. Give her a gift certificate for a photography course from the semi-national (Manitoba and east) chain Henry’s; a six-week Photo 101 will set you back $275. Or what about DJ classes? Toronto’s Off Centre DJ School offers six-week beginner sessions from $285. Approx $275

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