The Year’s Best Stuff 2010, Part IV

Over the past month, we’ve been rounding up year’s best new products, from a handmade bike shelf to GPS goggles to really fancy ketchup. This week, to conclude the series (Part I here, and Part II here and Part III here), we feature the only item on our entire list that refers to Mick Jagger’s nether regions, and more.

TURMS Red Wooden Complete Leather Boot Case
If you’ve already invested a small fortune in dress shoes, why not drop another small fortune on a wood-and-silver shoe kit box? Made by TURMS, a small artisan shoe-making family in the Italian shoe capital of Montegranaro, the kit comes with complete with polish, gloves, brushes and more. $715


Dolbeau Handmade Tie
Launched this year in Montreal, Dolbeau employs seasoned tailors make customized ties, from classic checked cotton and monotone wool to punchy satin and offbeat plaid. From $89


11-inch Macbook Air
Whether you think of the 11-inch Macbook Air (pictured above) as an imperfect computer or a hyper-powered, foldable tablet, you’ve got to admit the paper-thin, 2.3-pound gadget is a damn appealing travel accessory. $1050

Life by Keith Richards
In these memoirs, the immortal Keith Richards holds nothing back as he describes his life and career with the Stones, most notably discussing his strained relationship with the “unbearable” Mick Jagger. $17


Jaguar XKR 175
The 2011 KXR 175 may not fit in your stocking. But how better to celebrate Jaguar’s 75th anniversary? Enjoy a supercharged V8 engine pumping out 510 horsepower, a single black colour option, and unique door sill tread plates indicating which model number — of the 175 made — you’re lucky enough to own. $105,500


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