The Disruptors: Jay Dhaliwal

Jay Dhaliwal is the Founder and CEO of eSmartr, which he founded in 2018, and later Voxxlife in 2010. His goal has been to provide people with the ability to achieve an increased quality of life and wellness through neurotechnology.

Dhaliwal noticed a lack of solutions for his two children, Yasmeen and Galen, coping with their heavy class workload, and he knew they weren’t alone. He also knew these issues led many young people to turn to medications.

Recognizing a problem in need of a solution, together they launched eSmartr, to give overwhelmed students a naturally enhanced sense of focus and mindfulness, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

eSmartr has developed cognitive boost technology delivered through a wearable arm sleeve, that translates skin sensation into specific neural activity to reduce stress. It has proven useful for entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and everyday people. Entertainer Lil’ Jon has utilized the Sleev for what he says is better focus and creativity.

What is your background, and how did your background help you develop the eSmartr sleev?

As the President and CEO of VoxxLife, I’ve been in the neurotechnology space since 2010. I studied neurotechnology to look into the way neural stimulation impacts our physical selves, such as reducing pain and inflammation. After six years of research, we discovered that tactile patterns could trigger a neural response that could be used for physical symptoms, as well as mental stimulation, that would be used for the creation of the cognitive boost technology behind eSmartr.

DJ, producer and rapper Lil’ Jon uses the Sleev

How does the cognitive boost technology work?

eSmartr’s cognitive boost technology is a tactile pattern within the Sleev that triggers a response of receptors on our skin. This generates a neural-signal that compensates for miswiring in cognitive networks. Miswiring can lead to less than optimal decision making, decreased memory and focus, as well as increased stress and anxiety. The neurotechnology combats this miswiring to enhance a person’s ability to focus and increase calm, while reducing self-doubt.

What do people primarily use the eSmartr sleev for?

It can be used by students to increase focus, writers seeking a cure for writer’s block, and athletes or musicians that want that extra boost to enhance their performance. The Sleev’s various benefits allow for working professionals to use it to combat fatigue, and increase their decision making ability.

 What is your advice to other entrepreneurs?

You must have a service mindset. Meaning: does the product or service you are offering bring value to people’s lives? If you can, then have a solution that is proprietary or exclusive; you can build a business around it. Missing the latter will expose your business and idea to copycats, and other players with more resources and or experience.

My life as an entrepreneur started because I wanted to find a solution to help my mother with MS, and along the way I recognized that this isn’t an isolated problem for just her. There’s a large audience that can benefit from what I’m pursuing. I’ve continued with that philosophy to how I approach building eSmartr, and will always look for opportunities that solve people’s problems.



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