2019 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD

A bit late to the luxury market, Hyundai’s line of Genesis Motors had to be utterly special. Indeed, the 2019 G70 HTRAC 3.3T is the first Genesis I’ve ever driven and am an instant convert. This thing swims through traffic with the agility of a minnow.

Don’t just take my word for it. The National Post’s David Booth, whose name sounds like he should be a transit expert but actually knows more about cars than almost anyone I’ve met, led its review with, “The Germans can only wish they had as balanced a chassis as this new sport sedan.” High praise, with which I concur.

Available with 2-litre 4-banger, the G70 I tested features a remarkably fluid 3.3-litre twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with five drive modes: smart, eco, comfort, sport and custom. Drive in smart or eco and you’ll think you notice the turbo lag. Put it in sport and you’re flying almost by thinking about the accelerator.

The steering is firm and laser-accurate. It handles magnificently, turning the driver into a pottery wheel expert and traffic into a rich vein of clay. Don’t worry about making a mess though, because all that fun is well protected. Just two weeks ago, the entire lineup of Genesis sedans was awarded the Institute for Highway Safety (IHS) Top Safety Pick rating.

These vehicles all come with forward collision avoidance-assist with pedestrian detection, lane keep assist, blind-spot collision warning, and more. Cameras abound, including the 360-degree view from above and, of course, rearview. Any new car takes some getting used to. Cameras reduce anxiety in tight city spaces.

Even the design of the G70’s comprehensive infotainment system is safety-conscious.

We all have preferences with how we source our selections, whether that’s touching the screen, rolling the dial or pressing buttons. The choices you’re most likely to select are available several ways, including buttons. So, you can get your eyes back on the road sooner and enjoy that ride.


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