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Having a Partner Makes You More Attractive To Women

Women are attracted to all different types of men based on the way they look, their personalities, and overall presentation. New research shows that men are also considered attractive if other women show interest in them. The study from the University of St. Andrew’s reveals that men receive an “attractiveness … Read More


Men Are No Longer Comfortable Mentoring Women After #MeToo

Mentoring is important because it enables experienced professionals to share their wisdom and knowledge with their colleagues. Their advice and support are essential for development in the workplace. Unfortunately, men are now shying away from mentoring women following the #MeToo movement. After the New York Times published its investigation into … Read More

Unconventional Valentines Day Date Ideas

Going to a five-star French restaurant will always get you points, but creating a memorable and innovative Valentine’s Day plan will score you even more. Create an experience that both of you will look back on with fondness, years from now. Up your game from teddy bears and roses with … Read More

Valentines Day Bustier Lace Canada

Ultimate Valentine’s Day Lingerie Guide

Every woman deserves something special for Valentine’s Day that makes her feel attractive and desired. If she enjoys fancy lingerie, there are many options online. But before you add anything to your shopping cart, take some time to consider what type of lingerie fits her personality. All women are different, … Read More

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