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How Do Canadians Stack Up In Sex Toy Searches?

Europeans really enjoy sex toys. Sweden, Denmark and Greenland top the Sex Toy World Rankings, surprisingly trumping stereotypically sexually progressive places such as Germany, Japan, Brazil and France. UK-based voucher website Vouchercloud examined 18 popular online sex toy search terms, including common words such as “dildos” and “vibrators” and more … Read More

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Having a Partner Makes You More Attractive To Women

Women are attracted to all different types of men based on the way they look, their personalities, and overall presentation. New research shows that men are also considered attractive if other women show interest in them. The study from the University of St. Andrew’s reveals that men receive an “attractiveness … Read More


Men Are No Longer Comfortable Mentoring Women After #MeToo

Mentoring is important because it enables experienced professionals to share their wisdom and knowledge with their colleagues. Their advice and support are essential for development in the workplace. Unfortunately, men are now shying away from mentoring women following the #MeToo movement. After the New York Times published its investigation into … Read More

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