Government Gives BlackBerry $40 Million To Develop Self-Driving Tech

The federal government is giving BlackBerry $40 million to create technologies that make automobiles safer, more connected, and eventually autonomous. BlackBerry is contributing $300 million to the project, which is expected to expand the number of jobs at its campus in Ottawa by 800 over the next 10 years, reports … Read More


The Disruptors: Steve Desjarlais Of Heyday

The Disruptors is Pursuit’s monthly feature that showcases thought leaders and CEOs who are changing the way we do business, how we perceive the startup landscape, taking ideas to the next level. It is where innovation meets a created market where none existed before. BIO: Steve Desjarlais, CEO of, … Read More

wine before bed

Consuming Red Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight

Over the years there have been studies about the benefits of drinking a moderate amount of wine, and now there’s another good reason to have a glass of Merlot each night. Recent studies by Washington State University and Harvard Medical School concluded that having two glasses of wine before going … Read More

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