• Ford Buzz Car
    Driving A Sports Car Is Good For Your Health
    Noelle Talmon, February 18, 2018
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Your Favourite Song Was Probably Released When You Were 14

Puberty greatly influences whether you listen to rock and roll, country or hip-hop later in life. Music you listen to as a teenager sets your musical taste as adults, according to an unscientific analysis of Spotify data by the New York Times. Spotify provided information about how frequently songs are … Read More

Ted-Jan Bloemen Speed Skating

Canadian Pyeongchang Olympic Overview: Week 1

Since the 2018 winter Olympics began on February 9th 2018, Canada has the third highest medal count. With 13 medals, Canadian athletes trail Norway’s 17 medals and Germany’s 15 medals. Canada has skated, skied, luged, snowboarded, and curled themselves into the third highest medal ranking with 4 gold, 5 silver, … Read More

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