Virtual Real Estate

People Are Spending Tons Of Money On Virtual Real Estate

Have you heard of Genesis City? It’s a digital metropolis backed by blockchain. Roughly the size of Washington, D.C., the makers and investors hope the … Read More

KISS toilet seat

For The Dad Who Has Everything: KISS Toilet Seats

You can never have too much memorabilia when you’re part of the KISS Army, and that includes bathroom accessories. Bassist and singer Gene Simmons recently … Read More

Samsung 10

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Will Be Really Expensive

A few smartphone manufacturers have been putting a lot of research and development into foldable phones, and Samsung will reportedly start production on such a … Read More

Weight Lifting Depression

Does Lifting Weights Reduce Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression is a hot topic these days, particularly following the heavily publicized suicides of fashion designer Kate Space and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. While we … Read More

Rolls Royce

Superluxury Vehicles Sales Are Skyrocketing In Canada

Rolls-Royce Toronto has experienced an uptick in sales in recent years, a trend that is only gaining more momentum. Superluxury vehicles, ranging in price from … Read More

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