Genes Play A Role In Happy Marriages, According To Science

Love. Commitment. Trust. Honesty. These are some of the qualities that contribute to a satisfying marriage. But the real secret to a happy marriage may not be what you think. While people fall in love for a variety of reasons, including shared interests and physical attraction, the reason they stay … Read More


Volvo To Limit Its Vehicles’ Speed To 112 MPH

To keep people safer on the road, Volvo Cars is limiting the top speed on all of its cars to 112 mph starting next year. Model year 2021 vehicles will be the first to include the new feature. The car manufacturer has an ambitious goal of zero deaths and no … Read More

Shipwreck Beer

133-Year-Old Shipwreck Beer To Make US Debut In March

A Long Island, N.Y., brewery has been working on a formula to recreate a beer that was discovered at the dive site of the SS Oregon, which sank off Fire Island in 1886. Saint-James Brewery owner and brewer Jamie Adams took yeast from the bottles and is mixing it with … Read More

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