British Upskirting Ban Will Also Protect Men In Kilts

Britain is considering a new ban on “upskirting,” which would make it illegal for people to take a photograph up someone’s skirt without permission. And … Read More

Google AI

Google AI Is Scarily Accurate In Predicting People’s Deaths

Google researchers have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can predict a patient’s death with up to 95 percent accuracy. The study was published in … Read More

Austin Powers

Mike Myers Hints At Fourth Austin Powers Film

Mike Myers recently appeared on Good Morning America, and the first question that Robin Roberts asked the Canadian funnyman is whether fans would be “blessed” … Read More

Joe Buck

Sexually Explicit Audio Was Accidentally Broadcast During US Open

Fox Sports and the United States Golf Association (USGA) have issued an apology after sexually graphic audio was inadvertently broadcast during the US Open earlier … Read More

Elvis 1962 Jet

Elvis’ Fixer-Upper Airplane Is Back On The Market

Fans of Elvis Presley are invited to bid on the King of Rock and Roll’s private jet (a somewhat swankier mode of transportation than Pope … Read More

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