The Disruptors: Jay Dhaliwal

Jay Dhaliwal is the Founder and CEO of eSmartr, which he founded in 2018, and later Voxxlife in 2010. His goal has been to provide people with the ability to achieve an increased quality of life and wellness through neurotechnology. Dhaliwal noticed a lack of solutions for his two children, … Read More


The Disruptors: Katie Dunsworth Reiach

The Disruptors: Katie Dunsworth Reiach, PR Savvy An entrepreneur since the age of 24, Katie was discovered by Oprah in 2007 after co-founding the money-mentoring business Smart Cookies, and featured with her money group on the iconic talk show. In the heart of the financial crisis, Katie was among the … Read More

Why Every Woman Should Own a Swiss Army Knife

Women carry purses overflowing with everything to solve life’s challenges. But there might be one thing she doesn’t have in her purse yet, that could be the very thing to save the day. This International Women’s Day (March 8), consider honouring the lady in your life with the legendary Swiss … Read More

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