A Dude’s Adventure in the French Alps

The French Alps isn’t just for skiing – though it is the world’s premiere ski destination. It can also be a place where you can enjoy a variety of spring/summer/fall fun, with the backdrop of stunning mountains. Imagine yourself hiking in pristine forest, pedalling an electric bike through the steep … Read More

Journey to South Africa: Safari, Sun, and Sarmies

At a constant 27 degrees Celsius, it was like a beautiful June day in Toronto. But it was March in Johannesburg, and I felt lucky to have dodged the 39cm of snow deluge that Hogtown had been plagued with, over the course of two weeks. Allow yourself at least a … Read More


Richard Branson’s Must-Have Travel Accessory Is A Notebook

Travel is a big part of Sir Richard Branson’s life. The business magnet, who founded the Virgin Group, which includes hotels, an airline, and cruise company, regularly makes trips around the world. It seems reasonable that he’s a pro at packing. And while he may fill his suitcase with different … Read More

5 Unforgettable Experiences in the Tequila Region (And 1 That’s Fuzzy but Still Recommended)

The Mexican state of Jalisco (ha-LEESE-co) has given the world that wonder drink, tequila, and that wonder music, mariachi. Pursuit was recently invited to report on the region by the producers of Casa Herradura (Horseshoe House!) tequila. It was an exhausting and fun few days, made more fun knowing the … Read More

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