Tel-Aviv Beach

Travel Tel-Aviv For Less Than $1000

I can’t blame you at all if you want to get away from the winter blahs and this crazy weather. It’s finally time to take a break, and head to the warm climes for a while. You’re not going to believe this, but you can spend a week in Israel, … Read More

Running Combats Stress

Running Combats The Adverse Effects Of Stress

People do a variety of things to get rid of stress, some of which are healthier than others. A new study from Brigham Young University (BYU) finds that running is particularly effective at dealing with chronic stress and protects your memory. Running alleviates the negative impacts of stress on the … Read More

Business Trends 2018

Trends For Business Success

Business writers and columnist from publications such as Forbes concur that most of the trends impacting the business world have been technology driven and that 2018 won’t be any different.  Technological innovation drives business success in 2018.   Blockchain Technology Likely spurred by the rise in the price of Bitcoin … Read More

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