Unconventional Valentines Day Date Ideas

Going to a five-star French restaurant will always get you points, but creating a memorable and innovative Valentine’s Day plan will score you even more. Create an experience that both of you will look back on with fondness, years from now. Up your game from teddy bears and roses with … Read More

Hot Vending Machine

Innovative Parisian Vending Machine Offers Hot Meals To Employees

Vending machines aren’t usually people’s first choice when it comes to getting lunch and other meals, but they are great in a pinch or when you need a quick snack on the go. A company in Paris is working to change people’s perceptions by offering significantly more substantial (and better … Read More

High sodium Pre Packaged Food

Packaged Food Have Failed To Lower Sodium Despite 2016 Target

Efforts to reduce sodium in processed foods have failed, according to the report recently released by Health Canada. In fact, the targets were so off that the report shows that sodium levels in some foods have actually increased. Needless to say, Health Canada’s strategy to lower sodium levels has resulted in a … Read More

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