Eating Healthy On A Budget: Most & Least Nutritious Meals

Eating healthy can be challenging for several reasons—it can be costlier and more time consuming to prepare. Meal delivery service and recipe database wellio recently examined 9,000 websites and 5 million recipes to come up with the 25 most and least healthy foods for your money. They determined that healthier … Read More

Caddy Shack Restaurant

Eat, Drink, And Be Murray At ‘Caddyshack’ Restaurant

A Caddyshack-themed restaurant opened Tuesday in Rosemont, Illinois, inspired by the golf film which starred Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. In the classic 1980 motion picture directed by Harold Ramis, Murray played eccentric gopher-slayer, Carl Spackler. “At last, a comedy with balls!” was one of the movie’s taglines. … Read More


Toronto Study Suggests Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight

Many dieters avoid carbohydrates when trying to drop pounds, but researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto found that pasta’s low glycemic index (GI) can actually help people lose weight. The researchers examined 30 randomized control trials of nearly 2,500 people whose main source of carbohydrates was pasta. The results … Read More


Can Coffee Really Cause Cancer? It’s Debatable

Coffee drinkers were taken aback after a judge in California recently ruled that companies such as Starbucks must warn consumers that their daily cup of joe may contain the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide, which is used during the roasting process. Yet, it’s unclear whether the levels of acrylamide are high enough … Read More

Tullamore Dew Innis & Gunn

Kindred Spirits: Sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day Brew

Can’t stand another St. Patricks Day of sports bars filled with atrocious and tacky green beers? Well, the holiday is coming up and Kindred Spirits is the beer that you need to be turning your attention to, this year. This unique, limited edition dark beer arrives as the first collaboration … Read More

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