The Disruptors: Katie Dunsworth Reiach

The Disruptors: Katie Dunsworth Reiach, PR Savvy An entrepreneur since the age of 24, Katie was discovered by Oprah in 2007 after co-founding the money-mentoring business Smart Cookies, and featured with her money group on the iconic talk show. In the heart of the financial crisis, Katie was among the … Read More

Censorship Warriors Invade Colleges, Media and Elections

Comedians Sarah Silverman, Roseanne Barr, and Bill Maher, have all been fired (or in modern parlance, “cancelled”) because of public comments they’ve made or posted online. They weren’t the first, or will be the last, to suffer from the army of duct-tape wielding speech censors eager to gag those they … Read More

The Disruptors: Camilita Nuttall

What many have dubbed a “International Rock Star Speaker,” UK-based Camilita Nuttall is many things: the founder and president of Event of Champions, award-winning corporate sales and growth expert, and serial entrepreneur. As a wealth and business coach, Camilita has guided her clientele in ways that have boosted their success, … Read More

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