How does earnings season affect share prices?

Keeping abreast of global news and the latest information about the companies you invest in is essential for good trading results, as it allows you to anticipate higher volatility while taking advantage of interesting trading opportunities as may arise. When you invest in stocks, the earnings season is a time … Read More

The Disruptors: Roger Gordon, Green Energy Entrepreneur

The Disruptors is Pursuit’s monthly feature that showcases thought leaders and CEOs who are changing the way we do business, how we perceive the startup landscape, taking ideas to the next level. It is where innovation meets a created market where none existed before. BIO: Roger Gordon is the CEO … Read More

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Majority Of Tech Leaders Believe They Could Ignore After-Hours Email

As technology is increasingly infiltrating people’s lives, some employers are giving their workers the “right to disconnect” when they’re not on the job. Canada’s government is analyzing its labour standards to see if similar changes are necessary. A new survey of IT leaders and office workers finds that 58 percent … Read More

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