Eye Through Magnifying Glass

Google AI Can Predict Heart Disease With Eye Scans

Imagine going to the doctor’s office, getting a simple eye scan, and finding out if you’re at risk of having a heart attack. Google scientists and the research company Verily have developed an algorithm that can predict a person’s risk for heart disease just by looking at the individual’s eye. … Read More

Apple Park Employees Keep Walking Into Glass

Apple Employees Keep Walking Into Headquarters’ Glass Walls

You would expect a company like Apple Inc. to have sleek headquarters that hint at their technological prowess. You wouldn’t expect it to be harmful to employees and visitors. People are experiencing problems with the new $5 million Apple Park in Cupertino, Califorina—they’re walking into walls and doors that are … Read More

Designers Building an App

How to Build An App Without A Programmer

You can’t deny it: Software is a part of everyday life whether you like it or not.  Until now, most of us have been slaves to software limitations and software developers.   However, as coding grows, actually knowing a coding language is getting less and less important.  Think back to … Read More

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