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Are You Concerned About Your Partner’s Financial Habits?

The majority of Canadians in relationships are worried about their partner’s debt. A new survey from debt relief firm BDO Canada found that 59 percent of people who are married, living with a partner, or living separately from their partner, wish they could change at least one thing about their … Read More

Apple Park Employees Keep Walking Into Glass

Apple Employees Keep Walking Into Headquarters’ Glass Walls

You would expect a company like Apple Inc. to have sleek headquarters that hint at their technological prowess. You wouldn’t expect it to be harmful to employees and visitors. People are experiencing problems with the new $5 million Apple Park in Cupertino, Califorina—they’re walking into walls and doors that are … Read More


“Trump Slump” Forces US Gun Maker Remington To File Chapter 11

Remington Outdoor Co. plans on filing for bankruptcy. One of the largest makers of firearms in the United States, the company’s move is intended to lessen its debt and revive its business. “Since its founding over 200 years ago, Remington has been a uniquely American company and brand,” Executive Chairman … Read More


Men Are No Longer Comfortable Mentoring Women After #MeToo

Mentoring is important because it enables experienced professionals to share their wisdom and knowledge with their colleagues. Their advice and support are essential for development in the workplace. Unfortunately, men are now shying away from mentoring women following the #MeToo movement. After the New York Times published its investigation into … Read More

Like The Penny, The Nickel Could Be Phased Out Soon

In the States, the penny is still alive and well. But in Canada, we’ve said goodbye to the smallest form of currency. And the nickel could be up next. Economists claim that the coin will lose its usefulness due to maintenance costs and its low purchasing power. The penny disappeared … Read More

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