Adam Levine Praises Porsche’s All-Electric Mission E

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is a Porschephile. His passion for the German sportscars came from his uncle. The rock star bought a 1958 Speedster 10 years ago and considers it “the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen.” With a penchant for vintage vehicles, what does the singer think of an ultramodern, all-electric Porsche?

Levine was allowed to test drive the new Mission E at the track at the Experience Centre L.A. He is one of few people who has driven the vehicle. Levine was instantly impressed with the car, and Porsche posted his experience on YouTube.

“Wow, that feels good,” Levine remarked after getting behind the wheel. “This is really fun, actually. This car is amazing.” He noted that Porsche people are not normal because they want more out of driving.

“The problem with electric cars a lot of the times is that they just don’t have a soul and they don’t have like a beating heart and this actually does, which is amazing to me,” Levine stated. “This car connects you to the road and it connects you to driving.”

Porsche is still testing the Mission E, which is expected to go on sale around summer 2019. The 600-hp car takes just 15 minutes to reach an 80 percent charge and reportedly has a 300-mile range.

Levine (who may be on Porsche’s payroll) enjoyed driving the car so much he said he’d like two of them. “As far as cars are concerned, Porsche means perfection to me because it doesn’t get better.”

Pro driver Mark Webber also took the Mission E for a ride. He said of the experience: “I’m a bit of an old-school kind of guy and I love nothing more than to drive so I don’t mind admitting I had some reservations. I thought that the Mission E could feel a little heavy but the driving experience is seriously dynamic: the four-wheel steering, the performance and the braking ability were a really amazing experience.”

Porsche will reportedly offer different range options with different battery packs, according to Elektrik. The company has mentioned a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 3.5 seconds and claims the Mission E will be able to travel long distances at high speed, i.e., on the German autobahn or on a race track.

Will the Mission E compete with Tesla?
“This is the ONLY electric car I’d buy,” wrote one YouTube user. Another added, “Goodbye Tesla.”

Many were also impressed with the look of the prototype. “Those rims are totally stunning. Amazing flawless design. I’m speechless,” another noted.

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