Cadillac XT5 in California, Part B: After (Kind Of)

Sorry, but today I have two errors to report.

First, you were told you’d have my initial impressions of the all-new Cadillac XT5 Crossover today. Well, that’s been postponed till next Wednesday, March 9 because Cadillac has requested an embargo till then. Though we drove all day today, we Canadians were the first of several waves of reporters from around the world. Published, our thoughts and impressions could influence how these others feel; heady stuff for humble hosers to digest.

Secondly, I wrote that we would drive the XT5 on the California coast. That was incorrect too. Instead we drove up into the mountains on the very route that its engineers took it to test it during its development these past several years.

You also would’ve read that early reports regarding the XT5’s technology were positive, though I hadn’t paid them attention for the same reason as listed above — I didn’t want to be influenced. I can confirm that there’s some very sweet new technology. Among the biggest treats is the rearview camera. Included with the uppermost trimline, Platinum, it converts your rearview mirror into a screen with the flick of a switch. Instantly, the difference in visibility is wholesale, akin to the transformation from B&W to colour in The Wizard of Oz.

As for whether I still like crossovers? Please return next Wednesday for first impressions of the ride, starting with the extra long wheelbase.

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