Inside Koenigsegg

Christian von Koenigsegg explains how to build a high performance sports car from his company’s headquarters in Angelholm, Sweden.

Episode One: Carbon Fibre Construction

How automotive components are built of carbon fibre, the tough, lightweight material essential to high-end performance cars.

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Episode Two: Triplex Suspension Explained

How the unique Triplex Suspension marries comfort, handling, and stability.

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Episode Three: Million Dollar Paint Job

How to spend 200+ hours painting a car.

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Episode Four: Feels Like a Million Bucks

How interior design brings out the luxury of a car.

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Episode Five: The Ultimate Test Drive

How to test each car specifically for it’s owner.

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Episode Six: Inside the Brains of a Swedish Bombshell

How bespoke electric controllers operate a Koenigsegg.

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Episode Seven: The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine

How to invent Free Valve technology that does not require a camshaft to run.

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Episode Eight: The 1140 Heart of a Hypercar

How to design a 1140 hp v8 engine.

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