Should You Wash Your Car Today?

It never fails: you hit the car wash, and sure enough it rains. The formula is number of guys washing cars times average price of car over number of days since last car wash equals chance it’ll rain. That’s how atmospheric science works, right?

Well, we’d like to think so, but the real problem is precipitation. So what’s a guy to do?

If you’re especially obsessive and need to know, down to the minute, when it’ll rain, check out SkyMotion. It’ll take a look at your exact location (College and Bathurst, Toronto) and tell you when it’ll rain next (114 mins), updating every few minutes.

Not that obsessive? Check out this site, Should I Wash My Car Today? It’ll take your location, check the local precipitation, and give you an answer like “No, it’s better to wash your car the day after tomorrow”. Although realistically, the best time to wash your car if you live in Canada wont’ be until April. If you’re in Edmonton, May.

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