SPONSORED: Find Your Perfect (Auto) Match

When shopping for a new car, it’s tough to find the “One.” Wouldn’t it be easier if there were some sort of matchmaker – a Cupid of cars, a Yugo Yenta to help find the perfect fit?

autoLYZER is a Facebook app from autoTRADER that matches car shoppers to vehicles  listed on autoTRADER.ca based on info pulled from their personal Facebook profile. autoLYZER uses over 150 different interest and demographic categories sourced from Facebook Open Graph to create the most detailed portrait of the prospective buyer. Categories include:

• Music/Books

• Food/ Travel

• Television/Movies

• Special interest groups/Organizations/Causes

More than a mere personality test, live data such as photos, likes, marital status and education is used to create a personality imprint that’s matched to your perfect vehicle personality.

With over 500 models from more than 50 manufacturers in autoTRADER’s database of nearly 400,000 vehicles, there’s plenty of fish in the sea for all “personality imprints.” autoLYZER identifies “car categories” (i.e. stylish/macho, status-seeking/environmentally-friendly, reliable/cheeky and refined/rugged) which are then weighted against personality profiles.

For example, a 30-year-old single male with interests in style, sports, gadgets and BASE jumping might find his thrills in a sleek and speedy Audi S4. A guy with two kids, a dog and a passion for cottages, golf and travel might feel at home piloting a stately and worldly Range Rover.

There’s only one way to find your perfect match: try autoLYZER now and find out!

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