4 Fantastic Free Movies on YouTube

So, how’s pirating going for you these days? If MegaVideo isn’t cutting it, you might be surprised to find out that there are a ton of great movies to watch on YouTube. Not only are the titles full-length (not segmented), but the majority also aren’t interrupted by annoying ads. It’s still illegal, but much harder to prosecute, if that kind of quibble helps you sleep easier.

Cinderella 2000
Barbarella fans, have we got a treat for you. Practically a sequel, this other-worldly film makes us all want to go out and buy a space-scene painted van. You know the one: with the hot girl being attacked by aliens, shooting them with her laser-gun atop a space cat of some kind. Well, this movie is about that minivan, and all the sexy stuff that comes with it, or was at least the inspiration for the mural.

88 Minutes
Starring Al Pacino, this detective thriller tanked at the box office, deservedly. It’s awful. Still, it reminds us why we all love Al. Unlike numerous other aging actors that can’t quite cut it as an intimidating action-star (Harrison, looking at you, here), Pacino is ever the true gangster — even when, like here, he’s not playing one. Who cares what this movie is about? (Certainly, not the screenwriter.) They should have just called it Al Pacino.

First Orbit
This fascinating doc was shot from the International Space Station travelling the same orbit as Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight in 1961. Overlapped through the film is the actual recording of the conversation between flight control and Yuri Gagarin describing what he was witnessing. If, inexplicably, you still don’t think that’s cool, Yuri Gagarin was also the first actual eyewitness to the fact that the earth is round; his raw human excitement is absolutely contagious, exactly 50 years after we entered the space-age.

Although technically not a movie, Mahabharat remains one of the most epic stories ever recorded on film. How epic? 79-hour epic. Don’t turn away from this series thinking it’s all Bollywood musical: the first episode alone features the best in ’80s special effects, crazy sword-fights, not-to-forget deities and… uh, well, baby-eating. Still!

Some other notable mentions…

Rumble in Hong Kong / Young Tiger

Sniper 3

Return of the Tiger

Air Strike


Short Circuit 2

If you want more, check out the movies section at YouTube and click on any random thing. People sometimes forget that even bad movies are watchable and at times, even laughable.

What are your recommended YouTube movies? Hit us in the Comments.

Image courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

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