A Gifting Guide for the Holidays Part II

An ex-boss used to make me pick presents for the women in his life. He cared but just didn’t know where to start. If you feel similarly flummoxed when faced with holiday shopping for the ladies on your list, read on:

Gourmet treats
If she likes to cook and eat, gourmet food store The Mercantile (626 College Street) offer complete ideas, including cooking kits like Make Your Own Sushi and Thai Me Up For Dinner.

Spa treatments

Spoil her. Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt is one of the best, but is also expensive. Downtown girls will probably enjoy a trip to swimsuit-optional Body Blitz Water Spa (471 Adelaide Street West) just as much. Sadly, you can’t join in.

Shiny stuff
If she’s into bling, consider a single well-chosen piece of jewellery. For something unique, try Distill Gallery (Store #56) in the Distillery District. In addition to shiny stuff, they also sell mom-suited ceramics and glassware.

Girly gadgets
She already has an iPod and digital cameras. But what about add-ons? God forbid she likes karaoke, but if she does, an iKaraoke set from Best Buy might be a laugh. Or a digital photo key chain at Henry’s Camera (119 Church Street) that’s just begging to be loaded up with sweet pictures of the two of you.

Just remember: thoughtful gifts are the key to a big reaction, and thoughtful gifts take time. If you’re addicted to last minute shopping, make sure you get a gift receipt. You’ll probably need it.

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