A Guide to Festivals Abroad

Festival season is well and truly upon us and it’s time to sort out all the little niggling things beforehand! Whether you’re travelling to Burning Man or you’re going to Croatia, you must prepare for one of the most exciting weekends you’ll ever have! It’s important to remember a list of things which can be ticked off, so that you’re festival weekend isn’t filled with regret! Here we have come up with a festival checklist for those travelling abroad.

Anything Camping Related

If you’re camping at a festival, you will have one of the most ultimate experiences. Camping at the exact place your festival is possibly one of the most exciting things about festivals! You’ll find yourself absorbed by the atmosphere and you can start as you mean to go on – with your friends. So in terms of camping equipment you’ll need camping chairs, picnic blankets, roll matts, pillows and of course tents. Look at what will make your life easier if you’re not adjusted to the camping life and make sure you get them. It’s important to keep the camping equipment right after you have finished, as they will not come cheap!

Toiletries Are Quite Possible The Most Important

You need toiletries throughout your whole life and people can easily forget them. When you have a weekend filled with excitement, you will need something to help you stay fresh when the festival showers are occupied with queues on end. Deodorants, toothbrushes, little spray bottle with water and combs can do wonders for you. These are only little benefits of taking toiletries, so do not forget them.

You’ll Need Your Tickets

There are thousands and thousands of people every year that turn up to festivals, so there will always be a small minority of people who forget to bring their tickets. Tickets are the only way to gain access into your festival and some tickets require the same name as your ID. Tickets not only consist of your entry into a festival, but they also consist of bus tickets and your plane tickets. Leave your travel tickets together and consider getting lanyards to keep all your festival based tickets together.

Never Forget Your Personal Items

Your personal items are quite frankly as important as the rest of the list. Personal items include ID, money, keys and anything else that will affect your travelling trip. As we’ve previously said, some festivals will not allow you to enter unless the name of the ticket matches with your ID, so it’s important to be careful. Reading the small print will also do wonders, so make sure you are fully clued up. We don’t really need to stress the importance of money, but there are those that will get money out at the festival cash machine, which of course may take hours on end. Take money out for the weekend and bring your card in case you find yourself splashing the whole of it immediately.

Your keys will always be something you keep close, but with the amount of movement, people and excitement they may fall out of your pocket. Leaving them at the reception of your hotel, or keeping them securely around your neck will only benefit you, so make sure that you consider all your options prior to leaving for the festival. Losing keys can be hugely stressful, so make sure it doesn’t happen, especially when you’re abroad.

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