Arnold Schwarzenegger and YouTube Comedy Week

DailyXY hero Arnold Schwarzenegger (seriously, check out his book) is finally on YouTube, which is to be expected, considering how he took reddit by storm earlier this year.

Anyway, he’s promoting something called YouTube Comedy Week. We’d have thought that was every week on YouTube, what with all the people posting recorded videos of horrible self-inflicted and potentially legally actionable injuries. But that’s not what this is.

Next week, YouTube will be coordinating a whole bunch of somewhat well-known comedy channels and actors (i.e., the Lonely Island, Epic Meal Time, Vince Vaughn, and some other people) and will have them all posting a whole lot of comedy, creating a concentrated comedy blow-out, if you will. It may even involve that JASH thing we still can’t figure out.

Sadly, however, Schwarzenegger won’t be back for Comedy Week. Way to sell it, YouTube.

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

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