Do Muskoka Decadent

So you’ve had a good week on the market and you figure you deserve a reward. We agree. So here are a few tips to help you burn that money — not to mention a lot of carbon — in a Muskoka bonfire of the vanities.

Getting there: Let the plebes waste precious minutes stewing in traffic on the 400. There’s a convenient amphibious plane waiting to take you from downtown Toronto to the heart of Muskoka in a fraction of the time. Cameron Air, for example, offers an eight-passenger plane, complete with leather reclining seats and bar service for about $1,900 one-way, depending on where you are flying. Buzz the Holland Marsh and laugh at the long line of traffic as you sip the first of many mojitos.

Getting around: You’ll need some wheels to zip into Port Carling and check out the shops. No point going to Muskoka if no one knows you’re there. Muskoka Toy Rentals has an adequate fleet of vehicles from which to choose. If you like the top down, take the Ferrari 360 Spyder. It’s a mere $2,999 for 48 hours. For the same price, you can choose the hard-top Bentley Azure. If you’re looking for economy, then the Maserati Spyder, at $1,299 for 48 hours, is a bargain.

Accommodation: We’ve found a quaint executive compound right on Lake Joseph. For $1,250 a night – or just $7,500 for the week – you get seven bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, spacious living room with fireplace and 1,500 square feet of deck space that overlooks the posh Lake Joseph Club. For the boathouse, just add another $700 a night or $4,000 for the week. Can you really put a price on serenity?

On the water: What better way to while away the hours than playing chicken with the water tubing, wakeboarding, or water skiing in a 23-foot Doral from Muskoka Boat Rentals. It holds 12 and and is equipped with 320 horses inboard. It goes for $410 for two hours, $590 for eight or just $2,390 for the week. (Gas is extra. Lots extra.) If you prefer personal watercraft, try the Kawasaki 1200F four-stroke wave-runner from Woodland Marine. It’s only $279 for eight hours or $1,280 for the week.

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