Get Them While They’re Hot: Def Leppard Sneakers

Act fast, Def Leppard fans. The band and luxury shoe brand Six Hundred Four have teamed up to offer an exclusive line of footwear for music lovers who want to show their love for the rockers and don’t mind shelling out a few hundred dollars.

Using the albums On Through The Night, Pyromania and Hysteria and the band’s logo as inspiration, the sneakers cost US$270 (a US$1,925 exclusive set signed by band members is already sold out).

The sneakers will be displayed at the meet-and-greet events during the band’s current world tour and will be shipped to customers this fall.

According to James Lepp, founder of Six Hundred Four, the collaboration occurred after lead guitarist Phil Collen came into the store. “That resulted in a 30-pair exclusive collaboration with him, and now has led to a full collaboration with Def Leppard,” Lepp said. “Like the Phil Collen series, the Def Leppard collection will be unlike anything that’s hit the market before.”

“I always knew the fans were going to love the shoes, but when I finally saw the shoes in person, I fell in love with them. I’m looking forward to wearing them onstage,” commented lead singer Joe Elliot.

But if you want a pair, you better order soon. Only 604 individually numbered pairs of the sneakers will be produced. They can be purchased online at

The band is currently coming up with ideas for a follow-up LP to 2015’s self-titled album.

Collen revealed during a recent interview with Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, “We’ve got three [songs] on the go already. Joe’s [Elliott, vocals] got one, Sav’s [Rick Savage, bass] got one, I’ve got another one. We’ve actually started recording ’em. You can do this stuff all the time; you can do it on your laptop now — you don’t have to be in a studio, per se. So, yeah, you can actually get it moving and started already. So, yeah, we’ve actually started the next thing and I love the direction of it. When you do it over a period of time, you can actually get a bit more in it. When you cram it all in, it gets sometimes a little limited.”

Def Leppard is currently touring with Journey. They’re playing multiple dates in the United States before travelling to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


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