Gratuitous Skin and Cheap Laughs: Fringe Fest Preview

Montreal’s Fringe Festival is a lot like Pamela Anderson: It has its serious side and once in a while, it’s sublime, but mostly, it’s just risqué, ridiculous or downright pathetic. But that’s what you get at a festival of theatre, spoken word, stand-up comedy and performance art in which performers are selected by lottery – not talent. It’s amateur entertainment with gratuitous skin and cheap laughs, and it runs from June 12 to June 21. Skip the dance performances and check out these guy-friendly performances:

Cobra: The Musical III: The Return of the King…of Kings!
is the final installment of the trilogy about the G.I. Joe foe, complete with sweet costumes and metal-esque shrieking. Showtimes online. Just for Laughs Studio, 2109 St. Laurent Blvd., $9.

Cocktails is the “latest atrocity” (their words) by the filthy-mouthed boozy local sketch comedy troupe whose “sh*tztravaganza” promises to bring sexy – or at least dirty – back. Showtimes online. Just for Laughs Studio, 2109 St. Laurent Boulevard, $9.

Este: Pulsion Morte ou Accouchement Libéré features the sensual, creepy contortions of “snakewoman” Andréane Leclerc (pictured above) and the live electro-acoustic soundtrack of Sam Vipond. Showtimes online. Tangente, 840 Cherrier St., $8.

After five consecutive years of writing fresh material for the international fringe circuit, Jem Rolls’ Leastest Flops gathers the best bits of rapid-fire vitriol by Rolls, an outrageous British spoken word artist. Showtimes online. Mirror Stage, 4247 St. Dominique St., $9.

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