How to Go Green in Vancouver

Going green doesn’t mean hugging trees and committing to hemp undergarments; it’s about making small changes, which, hopefully, will add up to make a bigger change. Here, five simple ways to go green in Vancouver.

Ditch the Supermarket.
Skip the stressful, time-consuming trip to the supermarket by ordering local, organic food online and having it delivered. Two of our favourite services: Spud, which is carbon neutral, and Green Earth Organics, which donates a chunk of its profits to community and environmental organizations.

Pick Restaurants Carefully.
John Bishop helped launch B.C.’s “Think Globally, Eat Locally” campaign when he opened his Kitsilano restaurant, Bishop’s, in 1985. Another green leader is C, which focuses on sustainable seafood and is the founding restaurant of the Ocean Wise program.

Run Outside.
Gyms suck up a lot of energy thanks to all those machines, televisions and showers. Run outdoors if you’re up for it, or at least, consider an eco-friendly gym. The YWCA Vancouver features low-flow showerheads and Green Seal-approved cleaning and maintenance products. At the Steve Nash Sports Club, you’ll exercise on bamboo and recycled tire flooring and energy-efficient machines.

Share Your Car.
Car-sharing services, like Car Co-op and Zipcar, are constantly improving, offering a viable middle ground between car ownership and public transit.

Hire a Green Maid.
Even tree-huggers can use a little help around the house. Life Maid Easy only uses eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safe, non-toxic environment that’s better for your health and the health of the planet.

Image courtesy of ecstaticist.

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