Interview: Comedian Jeff McEnery

Jeff McEnery is a pretty funny guy. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Anyway, we caught up with McEnery in between his gigs headlining the Yuk Yuk’s tour.

How often do people ask you for a joke when you tell them that you’re a comedian?

Oh, all the time. That’s why I tell people that I’m a writer or an actor or a cashier at the Great Canadian Bagel. I never tell strangers I’m a comic anymore.

What’s your advice for a guy who’s only intermittently funny?

Hang in there, brother. If Andy Dick can make it, anyone can.

What’s the worst thing to say to a woman at a party?

I have a joke about this. Back in my high school days I once told a girl at a party that she was better looking than 60% of the girls there. As a genuine compliment. She actually laughed, but I was so nervous I didn’t realize my mistake until hours later.

Comedy show: great first date idea or terrible first date idea?

Terrible idea. You get so concerned what you should or should not laugh at that you spend the whole date inside your own head.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

I’m a hick so I’m a rye and coke guy pretty much exclusively. There used to be a fancy bar right beside the Toronto Yuk Yuk’s that served chocotinis though and I really enjoyed them. God, I hope my meathead cousins don’t read this article.

Dates for McEnery’s shows can be found here. Advice on how to contact McEnery’s meathead cousins should be sent here.

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