Jump That Hump

Don’t like Mondays, eh? What about Wednesdays? Those are depressing. In the thick of the workweek, fatigue is setting in and the weekend still seems far away. Plus, there’s nothing going on in our no-fun city, right? Not quite. Before you seriously consider another Entourage with bathrobe and martini, consider heading out for one of these regular, rousing events.

Scared Scriptless
at the Improv Centre
Nothing like a good belly laugh to get you through the week. The funny folks at the Vancouver TheatreSports League will treat you to a 60-minute stitch-inducing spectacle. Using familiar improv styles and games, the performers play off audience suggestions, so be prepared to offer up your workplace frustrations as fodder. Think of it as therapy.

Hot Salsa Wednesdays
at the Alpen Club
A salsa night at the German community centre may seem slightly odd, but it’s all about the ballroom’s floating dance floor, one of only a few in the province. If you’re flying solo, it may also be about the sexy single ladies this steamy soirée tends to attract. If you don’t know your Cali style from Cuban casino, don’t despair — Corey Solomon from Dance 4U is on hand to help. Although you’ll eventually be expected to lead, it’s kind of cute to be clueless the first few times around the dance floor. A live DJ adds to the festive vibe, playing a booty-shaking selection of salsa, bachata, merengue and cha cha cha. Take a break from the heat and invite your dance partner for a schnitzel at the adjoining Deutsches Haus German restaurant.

West Coast Wednesdays at the Backstage Lounge
See local talent in an intimate atmosphere at this low-key live music session on Granville Island. Popular among the city’s arty set, every week spotlights three up-and-coming acts. Also featured is Granville Island draft for $4.75 and White Russians for $5.25. Complete the experience with an Arts Burger, which dresses up beef with warm Brie, pesto and crispy onions strings.

Free Up Wednesdays
at Shine
As Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music: When it hits you, you feel no pain.” Nothing takes the edge off a painful workweek like grooving to some reggae and soca and soaking up a chillaxed Caribbean vibe. You can get your groove on early with the beats dropping from 10 p.m., compliments of resident and touring DJs.

Smashed Wednesdays at the Cellar
Your boss is unlikely to spot you downing Jäger in this underground club, home of Vancouver’s only live mashup night. If you like Girl Talk, you’ll be impressed by the cutting-edge tracks Threeway and DJ Kutcorners throw down. You may also be interested in throwing down highballs, Jägermeister and Canadian — all on special for $4.50.

Image courtesy of www.jeremylim.ca.

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