Mario Batali interviews Jim Harrison

Mario Batali, aside from being the only man legally permitted to wear Crocs, is a restaurateur, an expert and champion of Italian and Spanish cuisines, and an Iron Chef with a 19-5-0 record.

Jim Harrison is an American writer of novels like Returning to Earth and Legends of the Fall, a column in Brick about food and suffering, and the last true gourmand. In Wolf, a “false memoir” he wrote after surviving a fall off a cliff, he suggests that the cure for heartache is to broil a two- to three-pound porterhouse steak, eating it with your bare hands, drinking a full bottle of the best bourbon you can buy while sitting in a warm bath, and then sleeping for a day.

So, what do Batali and Harrison have to say to each other? Aside from being long time friends and pork connoisseurs, they’ve got a few things to say about whispering in fine dining restaurants, the pleasures of antelope liver, and the curse of the boneless, skinless chicken breast.

[Food & Wine]

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