Montreal Comic Shops

If you’ve ever witnessed the medieval warriors on the mountain, you know this town is serious about fantasy. That, combined with the French tradition of treating comics like high art, means that Montreal is one very comic-friendly city. Whether your tastes run to spandex-clad superheroes or moody black-and-white musings on mortality, there’s a comic store to cater to your needs.


This neighbourhood joint is a great mix of superhero comics, indies and Euro stuff, with a knowledgeable and opinionated staff. Like any fair comic store they’ll usually give you the U.S. cover price. 451 Marie-Anne E., (514) 284-0358.

Drawn & Quarterly
This new spot, run by the folks behind the eponymous imprint, features D&Q offerings as well as Fantagraphics and other independent publishers. It has a stage for live events, like a recent Handsome Furs concert. 211 Bernard St. W., (514) 279-2224.

This shabby but charming spot, which doubles as a used bookshop, is popular with serious comics heads. The store is manned by a passionate family who publish their own newsletter and run a charming blog. 1844 Ste-Catherine St. W., (514) 932-1139.

Capitaine Quebec
This is the hardcore shop, for those into comics and everything to do with them: figurines, merchandise, role-playing games and more. It’s a classic geek-out spot, and back issues are always 50 percent off. 1837 Ste-Catherine St. W., (514) 939-9970.

For highbrow browsing, this quiet boutique sells an excellent variety of European and Quebec comics, alongside American stuff. 436 De Bienville St., (514) 844-9550.

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