Montreal’s Fantasia Festival

For a dozen years, Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has been home to the gross, the groovy and the downright weird in genre cinema from across the globe. Here’s a tour of the world, Fantasia-style.

Japan: Accuracy of Death

Death is the subject here – and the main character. Following a not-so-grim Grim Reaper as he goes about his business, this intriguing film looks at “the other side” from another point of view.

Korea: Epitaph

Though Thailand is now the new kid on the Asian film block, Korea’s still turning out intriguing thrillers. Epitaph, from the Jung Brothers, is a chilling mystery about a corpse found in a block of ice.

Vietnam: The Rebel
Vietnam. A foreign army. A guerilla resistance. No, it’s not the 1960s – but rather the 1920s, in this period martial arts flick about the French occupation of the country.

Hong Kong: An Empress and the Warriors
The latest in lavish period action from China, starring the great Donnie Yen in a story of royal intrigue and martial arts mastery.

U.K.: Flick
Rockabilly meets the undead in this British entry, about a British nerd killed by bullies in the ’50s, who comes back to seeks revenge.

U.S.A.: Trailer Park of Terror

Zombies! Trailer parks! This low-budget gross-out fest should satisfying your craving for trashy good times.

Canada: Who Is KK Downey?

Montreal comedy troupe Kidnapper Films’ first feature is a broad comedy about a literary hoax; it’s gotten serious festival buzz already.

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