The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

How Doctors DieThe Health Care Blog

Faced with terminal illness, most doctors don’t get more care than the average person; they get less. Acquainted with the limits of modern medicine, they opt out of ICU heroics, instead choosing to go gently.

Hands OffNew York Magazine

A growing number of men are quitting masturbation. Here’s why.

In Defence of the Family RancherHoney Rock Dawn

85% of the consumer beef market is controlled by four corporations, who make decisions for customers and ranchers. However, small ranchers have a vital role to play for our food supply and the environment.

The Eyes Have ItCosmos

530 million years ago, for no apparent reason, there was an explosion in the number of life forms on earth. Why this happened is a major question in biology, and some suspect that the development of sight is what triggered an evolutionary arms race.

The Man Who Keeps Falling in Love With His WifeThe Telegraph

A virus has destroyed a part of Clive Wearing’s brain, and his memory has been destroyed. He lives in an eternal present, but knows that he loves his wife.

Why Women Like Deep Voices and Men Prefer High OnesSmithsonian

Our tastes aren’t very arbitrary—real biological traits are behind the unconscious choices we make.

A 17th-Century Russian Community Living in 21st-Century AlaskaThe Atlantic

Breaking from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1666, the Old Believers have travelled from Russia to China, Brazil, Oregon, and finally to Alaska in search of a place to remain isolated.


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