Tommy Lee & Girlfriend Caught Joining Mile High Club

Rocker Tommy Lee and his girlfriend Brittany Furlan reportedly got busy in the bathroom of an American Airlines flight from Nassau to Miami late last week, but they weren’t busted for joining the mile high club. Fellow passengers reported that the couple disappeared in a first-class bathroom for about 20 minutes, and the Motley Crue drummer exited about one minute before his girlfriend joined him back in their seats.

According to TMZ, no one filed a complaint with the airline over the pair’s activities. The airline’s policy allows two people to use the restroom at the same time, and whatever the pair does in the lavatory is their own business. Usually when two people go into a bathroom simultaneously it’s because someone is elderly or needs help using the facilities. Lee, 54, and Furlan, 30, didn’t appear to have any medical issues that necessitated a joint visit to the lavatory. You can make your own conclusions about what went down there. Because the pair were discrete about whatever activities occurred in the restroom, they weren’t banned by the airline.

While the couple appeared to have a good time on the short flight, AA reportedly lost Furlan’s luggage. She tweeted on Aug. 18: “I just took a 45 min flight from the Bahamas to Miami and @AmericanAir lost our luggage in that short amount of time. BUYER BEWARE.”

Lee was also dissatisfied by the airline’s service, writing: “Thanks @americanair from us and the dude who works for you!!!!” He included an emoji of a middle finger under a photo of the airline’s ticket counter in Miami.

Furlan posted several sexy photos from the trip to the Bahamas on her Instagram page, some of which were rather provocative. In one, she’s topless wearing blue bikini bottoms with two seashells covering her nipples.  She captioned the photo, “I haven’t had any cell service for 3 days and it’s been the best 3 days of my life.” In another, she’s completely naked on the beach. She noted, “My buttcrack has never seen such beautiful sights.” A third photo shows her feeding a couple of pigs, whom she jokingly refers to as her “exes.”

Furlan is a comedian and internet celebrity who was the most popular female video star on Vine in 2015. She appeared in Pitbull’s music video “Fireball” in 2014. Time magazine has described her as one of the internet’s most influential people.




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