Review: Alexander Keith’s New Hop Series

I had been waiting for a nice warm day to sit out on the patio and try Alexander Keith’s new brews, but that day sadly has yet to come. So, I sit here writing by a snowy window, drinking this beer in the hopes that one day winter will end.

Inclement weather aside, I’m referring to Alexander Keith’s new “hop series”, which consists of two beers: the Hallertauer Hop Ale, and the Cascade Hop Ale.

Most beers, including Alexander Keith’s flagship brew, are made with several hop varieties; by contrast, each of these new beers are single-hopped. Hops provide a beer’s bitterness, taste, and aroma. By using a single type of hop, Keith’s is giving beer fans a chance to see how much hops influence the flavours of the final product.

Speaking to that, I’ve found that the Hallertauer Hop Ale is a shade herbal, heartier in the mouth, and has a spicier aroma than Cascade Hop Ale, which has citrus notes on the nose and in the mouth.

For those interested in learning something, tasting two beers whose only difference is their variety of hop is an experiment. For those interested in the weekend, it’s a chance to drink twice the beer one normally would. And for those interested in pride and treasure, it’s a chance to win bets on taste tests—assuming you’ve got excellent taste.

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