Annex Lunch Spots

There’s such an eclectic mix of people in the Annex – U of T professors, CBC producers, students, artist-radicals and bums – it follows that there’d be a mad variety of restaurants too. Here are four interesting lunch spots to consider.

Among the plethora of sushi huts on Bloor between Spadina and Bathurst, Mariko offers a comprehensive $14.95 all-you-can-eat menu. (Don’t order too much and not finish; they’ll charge you a la carteprices.) Their poster claims it’s offered Thursday through Saturday but you can have it anytime. Don’t miss the hand-rolled spicy salmon. 551 Bloor Street, (416) 516-3030.

Now that the Kensington Kitchen has been replaced by Tati Bistro, Momo’s provides the Middle Eastern lunch on Harbord. Family-owned and cheap, it’s a great spot for sitting on the patio and watching the U of T women pass – of course there’s the food. Enjoy the lentil soup and stuffed vine leaves before moving onto the de rigueur falafel. 196 Robert Street, (416) 966-6671.

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant
The last remaining purveyor of goulash in what was once Little Budapest. The wiener schnitzel is large enough for two. The cabbage rolls are just like Mama used to make. Wash it all down with Czech beer. 450 Bloor Street West, (416) 536-5966.

Nataraj Indian Cuisine
Curry lunch buffets can make the afternoon too sleepy. Consider ordering a la carte. The Phool Gobi, an entire tandooried cauliflower affectionately called the monkey brain, is their best kept secret. 394 Bloor Street West, (416) 928-2925.

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