Apollo 70 Mobile Bar

We know how it is: you’re chilling in your Genghis Khan-esque tent, or perhaps on your hot tub boat, but you’re thirsty. Why the hell don’t you have a mobile, full-service bar at your disposal?

Well, someone must’ve had the same thought, because now you can get an Apollo 70. It’s an Airstream that contains top-shelf booze, TVs, LEDs, and a gleaming bar surface. They also have a kitchen, in case you get hungry.

Sadly, this gift of the gods is based in the UK. They’ll travel to you, if you have the coin; alternatively, you could steal this business idea and have your own mobile bar. Provided that Canada’s crotchety old man government lets you. Which it almost certainly wouldn’t.

That’s it; we’re moving to Chicago.

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