Calgary: Ordering In

It could be the weather, an intense project you’ve got mere days to complete, or just a desire to stay inside and go on a week-long spirit quest; whatever the case, you’ve decided to be walled-in for some time. No problem: Calgary has a healthy network of delivery drivers and couriers, capable of bringing almost any (legal) desire to your doorstep. So get the housecoat out of the dryer, keep the credit card within reach and let the world come to you for once.

Rather than go full-Howard Hughes out the gate, first focus on stocking the pantry with plenty of supplies — the whole mason jars full of urine thing is so ’80s/’90s Joe Matt. Calgary Pick N Drop accepts grocery orders ($14.99 for a list of 10 items or less) between 11 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. every day and will also hotshot standalone restaurant food and/or booze orders ($9.99) within one hour of placement.

Still, what good is a paranoid stay-cation if you’re prep-cooking the whole time? Chakula will bring to your door pre-made gourmet meals — like Jamaican jerk chicken [pictured], beef stir fry and kalbi beef ribs — and each dish is as simple to cook as it is homemade and hearty. For larger groups, you can have chef Kathrina McKinney prepare a five-star restaurant experience in your kitchen. is McKinney’s high-class personal catering service; the dedicated chef will oversee all the meal preparation and cooking, service, and dining area set-up for you.

You might be getting visitors during your time in captivity or require a fresh professional wardrobe to be ready when you finally emerge from your doomsday bunker scenario. Sign up online for delivery service from Tower Cleaners, and the drycleaner will send someone to pick up your suits and drop them off after cleaning, free of delivery charge. I you need a woman’s opinion, look no further than Bachelor’s Best Friend, providing lifestyle management services to an often overwhelmed-for-time male clientele. This team of professional assistants does it all: from organizing your sock drawer to dropping off and picking up the dry-cleaning to booking tee-times and paying bills.

With the basic amenities for survival at your disposal, it’s time to thrive. Splash Hot Tub Rentals can wheel a hot tub trailer or standalone unit into your yard, capable of holding six to 20 friends. With close to 20 years of experience setting up temporary spa parties, they’re pretty much guaranteed to find a way to fit a mobile unit into any tightly gated lot.

Once the tub is backed up and in place, have Blain at BBQ Rental Centre (a small but solid outfit) move in one of his huge custom-designed grills, capable of cooking up massive amounts of delicious burgers, steaks, or even pancakes — that is if the “Reintroduction to Society Party” hasn’t been broken up by the cops yet.

Image courtesy of Chakula

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